Conference Program/Schedule of Panels (in detail)

Download/Print the program (.pdf - revised 4-26-19 at 12:30 pm)

Friday, April 26

8:00-8:45am: REGISTRATION/BREAKFAST (Tula Community Center - View map)

8:45-9:00am: WELCOME

9:00-10:15am: FIRST PLENARY (Room 1)

Roots of Surf Culture and Anti-Colonial Practices

  • “Dragging Your Foot: Deconstructing Surfing Origins and Mythologies,” Tom Pohaku Stone (University of Hawai’i and founder, Hawaiian Boarding Company)
  • “Waterscapes and Wet Bodies: Surfing in Atlantic Africa and Oceania,” Kevin Dawson (University of California, Merced)
  • “The Non-Extinction of Nineteenth Century Hawaiian Surfing: Hilo, a Surfing Case Study,” Isaiah Helekunihi Walker (BYU, Hawai’i)

10:30am-12:00pm: SESSION 1

(Panel 1A) George Freeth: Centennial (Room 1)

  • “Freeth’s Years in San Diego,” Arthur C. Verge (El Camino College)
  • “Southland Surf: George Freeth in Los Angeles,” Margaret DePond (University of New Mexico)
  • The Latest in Life Saving: Freeth in Film,” Patrick Moser (Drury University)

(Panel 1B) Discourses on Locations and Breaks (Room 2)

  • “Southern Surfers Talk Story,” Steve Estes (Sonoma State University)
  • “Southern-fried Surfing: Exploring Attachment and Localism in Virginia and North Carolina,” Lindsey E. Usher (Old Dominion University) & Ian Sellers (Old Dominion University)
  • “Tales from the Green Shores: A Proposed Method for the Collection, Classification, Analysis and Sharing of Irish Surflore Narratives – A Folkloristic Approach,” Frederique Penot (University of Bordeaux)

12:00-1:15pm: LUNCH

Not provided - Options on the ground floor of the Student Union include: Oggi's, Pizza Express, The Habit Burger, Chipotle, Aztec Market and Starbucks. Options across the footbridge include: Bangkok Poco the Restaurant and Trujillo's Taco Shop.

1:15-2:45pm: SESSION 2

(Panel 2A) Surfing Commodified, Marketing Surfing (Room 1)

  • Marketing and Branding Surfing in Huntington Beach, Surf City, USA,” Jeremy Lemarie (University of Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallee)
  • “Tokyo 2020 and the Road to Olympus or to Hypermassificate Beaches?” Diego Santos Gonzalez (Ostelea Business School)
  • “Sustainable Metamorphosis in the Surfing World,” Gregory Borne (Plymouth Marjon University)
  • “Women and Men in Roxy and Quicksilver’s Online Marketing,” Terfous Fatia (Université Clermont Auvergne)

(Panel 2B) Phenomenology of Surfing 1 (Room 2)

  • “The Cosmogonic Dimension of Surfing: An Existential Quest,” Ludovic Falaix (Université Clermont Auvergne)
  • “Cyborgs and Seascapes: Multisensory Approaches to Researching the Surf Experience.” lisahunter (Monash University) & Lyndsey Stoodley (Cardiff University)
  • “A Kabbalah of Surfing: Dr. Paskowitz’s Redemptive Hope and a Phenomenology of Presence,” Akiba Lerner (Santa Clara University)
  • “Surf as a Creative Industry: An Attempted Definition,” Anne Gombault (KEDGE Business School), Aurelien Decamps (KEDGE Business School) & Claire Grellier (KEDGE Business School)

(Panel 2C) Surf Sovereignties (Room 3)

  • “Will the International Olympic Committee Consider Hawaiian Surfers Independent from America?”  Isaiah Helekunihi Walker (BYU, Hawai’i)
  • “The Intimacies of Storytelling and Seafaring: Surfing and Indigenous California Dreaming,” Lydia Heberling (University of Washington)
  • “Sidewalk Surfing in Indian Country,” David Kamper (San Diego State University)

3:00-4:30pm: SESSION 3

(Panel 3A) Surfing Engendered and Queered (Room 1)

  • “Sexism and Surf Culture: A Brief History,” Scott Laderman (University of Minnesota, Duluth)
  •  “Surfing Queer Lines in Public Spaces,” lisahunter (Monash University)
  •  “Queering the Line Up,” Rose Brooks Sheela (California Institute of Arts)

(Panel 3B) Narrating the Spot (Room 2)

  • “Traditional Hawaiian Surf Spots,” John Clark (University of Hawai’i Press)
  • “San Onofre: Memories of a Legendary Surfing Beach,” David F. Matuszak (San Onofre Surfing Club & Hawaiian Surfing Club of San Onofre)

5:30-6:30pm: KEYNOTE (Bird’s Surf Shed on Moreno View map)

Keynote: “Surfeminisms in an Era of Trump,” by Krista Comer (Rice University, Co-Founder, Institute for Women Surfers)

The rise of the Global Right and spread of authoritarianism worldwide is accelerating climate change while encouraging violence against women, indigenous people and people of color, migrants and refugees, and majority poor populations everywhere. The most effective movement to date to mobilize against authoritarian power is intersectional feminism (#MeToo, Global Women’s Marches, #NiUnaMenos, #Feminism4the99). Surfeminism too is a feminism for the times. This lecture addresses the environmental and climate justice aspects of surfeminism, drawing from Institute for Women Surfers knowledges which include thinking of many here at this conference. The talk hopes to strengthen alliances across constituencies in surf studies. Our policy ideas and political analyses need to reckon better with the linked exploitations of nonhuman nature and human Others.

6:30-8:30pm: DINNER & MOVIE

Documentary film: Splinters.  Screened by Andy Abel, President, Surfing Association of Papua New Guinea.  Short Q & A after the movie.

Saturday, April 27

6:00-8:30am: PADDLE OUT!!   Session at La Jolla Shores - View map

9:45-10:45am: SECOND PLENARY (Tula Community Center - View map)

The Surfer Imaginary: Surfing and the Counterculture

  • “The Malibu Surfer Problem: Counterculture, Capitalism and the Refusal of Work,” (Kristin Lawler, College of Mount Saint Vincent)
  • “Our Rules are Just as Good as Your Rules,” Steve Pezman (Founder, Surfer’s Journal)

Moderator:  Michael Roberts (San Diego State University)

11:00-12:30pm: SESSION 4

(Panel 4A) Author Meets Critics: Surfing With Sartre (Room 1)
Surfing With Sartre: An Aquatic Inquiry into Life of Meaning, Aaron James (University of California, Irvine)


  • Kristin Lawler (College of Mount Saint Vincent)
  • Paul Wentura (San Diego State University)
  • Mike Roberts (San Diego State University)

(Panel 4B) Surf Research on a College Campus: Collaboration Among Faculty, Students and Industry: A Roundtable Discussion (Room 2)

  • Jeff Nessler (California State University, San Marcos)
  • Sean Newcomer (California State University, San Marcos)
  • Bruce Moore (Hurley)
  • Jessica Atencio (California State University, San Marcos)
  • Natalie Skillern (California State University, San Marcos)
  • Maya Saulino (California State University, San Marcos)

12:30-1:30pm: LUNCH

Not provided - Options on the ground floor of the Student Union include: Oggi's, Pizza Express, The Habit Burger, Chipotle, Aztec Market and Starbucks. Options across the footbridge include: Bangkok Poco the Restaurant and Trujillo's Taco Shop.

1:30-3:00pm: SESSION 5

(Panel 5A) Philosophy in the Surf Zone (Room 1)

  • “Why Marx Would be Stoked on Surfing,” Chad Smith (San Diego State University)
  • “Does Nietzsche Surf? The Body, Nonconformity, Aesthetics,” Paul Wentura (San Diego State University)
  • “From Stoke to Swaddle: Identity, Surfing and Fatherhood,” Andrew Quinn (University of California, Riverside).

(Panel 5B) Surfing Toward Sustainability (Room 2)

  • “Governmentality and Surf Tourism Destination Governance,” Jess Ponting (San Diego State University) and Leon Mach (School for Field Studies, Panama)
  • “Sustainability of Surfing Tourism Destinations: A Case Study of Peniche, Portugual,” Joao Costa (Instituto Politécnico de Leiria), Afonso Texeira (Portuguese Association of Surf Schools), Joao Vasconcelos (Instituto Politécnico de Leiria), and Jess Ponting (San Diego State University)
  • “Surfing Resource Management:  Issues and Solutions” Ed Atkin (eCoast)
  • “Integrating Sustainability Thinking and Practice into Surfing Events: Case Studies of Hawai’i and Jeffrey’s Bay” Tina Nguyen (University of Cape Town)

(Panel 5C) Diversity and Inclusion in Women’s Surfing (Room 3)

  • Rhonda Harper (Founder, Black Girls Surf and Owner Inkwell Lifestyle Brand)
  • Khadjou Sambe (Professional Surfer, Senegal, West Africa)
  • Documentary Short: Surf Girls Jamaica, Directed by Imani Wilmot.

3:15-4:45pm: SESSION 6

(Panel 6A) Simulated Surfing and Contested Cultures: The Impact of Artificial Wave Parks on Surfing Identities (Room 1)

  • “Baudrillard and Bogus Barrels: Imploding Referents and the Crisis of Authenticity in Surf Culture,” Mike Roberts (San Diego State University)
  • “21st Century Surfing? An Introduction to Surf Parks,” Jess Ponting (San Diego State University).
  • “Waves of Power: The Spectacularisation of Professional Surfing,” Elliot Pill (Cardiff University)

(Panel 6B) Sounding Surf (Room 2)

  • “In Waves: Surfing’s Undercurrents and Undertones,” Dr. J’aime Morrison (California State University, Northridge)
  • “Kooks, Codes and Surfing Rituals,” Eric Nava (University of California, Santa Barbara)
  • “Sound Waves and Surfing Waves,” Tim Cooley (University of California, Santa Barbara)

5:00-6:00pm: KEYNOTE 2 (Tula Community Center - View map)

Keynote - The Female Surfer: A Novel Political SubjectivityCori Schumacher, Councilwoman, Carlsbad California, Former Longboard Surfing Champion, Author, International Activist and Co-Founder, the Inspire Initiative.

6:00-9:00pm: DINNER AND MUSIC (Oggi’s Pizza at SDSU -  View map)

Sunday, April 28

6:00-8:00am: PADDLE OUT!! Session at Tourmoline/Old Man’s View map

9:30-10:30am: THIRD PLENARY (Storm Hall West 011 View map)

So You Wanna Be a Surfer?: Myth, Joseph Campbell, and the Hero’s Journey”

  • Glenn Hening Founder, Surfrider Foundation; Co-Founder, The Groundswell Society; Regents Lecturer, University of California at Santa Barbara
  • Pierce Flynn, Former National Executive Director of Surfrider Foundation USA; Founding Board Director, the Tony Hawk Foundation.
  • Jericho Poppler Bartlow, Women’s Surfing Champion, Surfrider Foundation Founding Board of Director; Founder, Kids for Clean Waves.

10:45am-Noon: SESSION 7

(Panel 7A) We Stand to Lose Everything: The Future of California’s Coast (Storm Hall West 011)

  • “When Love Leads to Laws: How to Save California’s Coast,” Jennifer Savage (Surfrider Foundation)
  • Angela Howe
  • Mandy Sackett

(Panel 7B) Killing Your White Male Buzz: Women of Color Feminizing, Diversifying, and Decolonizing Surfing (Storm Hall 119 View map)

  • “Being a Good Relative: Bringing an Indigenous Feminist Worldview to Surfing and Surf Culture,” Dina Gilio-Whitaker (California State University, San Marcos)
  • “‘Surfing? That’s a White Boy Sport’: An Intersectional Analysis of Mexican American Surfers’ Experiences with Sport in Southern California,” Cassie Comely (Independent Scholar) & Vanessa Yeager (Independent Scholar)
  • “Building A Sense of Place, Self and Community through Surfing 101 PE Classes in San Francisco Public High Schools,” Olivia Van Damme (City Surf Project)

Moderator: Monica Medellin (Gnar Gnar Honeys Production Company)

(Panel 7C) Surfing Toward Sustainability 2: the Promise and Peril of Surf-based Activism  (Storm Hall 123 View map)

  • “Surfing: Eros, Thanatos, and Activism,” Todd LeVasseur (College of Charleston)
  • “Surfing Upstream: Surfing’s Journey from Irreverence to Influence,” Spencer Higgs


1:15-2:45pm: SESSON 8

(Panel 8A) Shark!!! (Storm Hall West 011)

  • “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Shark? Cultural Hegemony and the Popular Image of the Surfer,” Keith Plocek (University of Southern California)
  • “Surf and Shark Attacks,” Jean François Nativel (Ocean Prevention Reunion)
  • “Surfing with Sharks,” Apryl Boyle (El Porto Shark)

(Panel 8B) Contested Sites of Surfing (Storm Hall 119 View map)

  • “Political and Social Commitment of Surfers in Everyday Life and Fiction: A First Overview,” Jérome LaFargue (Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour)
  • “A Mobile Surfing Culture?: The Enviro-Surf Community and Surf Break Protection,” Lyndsey Stoodley (Cardiff University)
  • “The Environmental and Economic Relationship of Surfing in Lobitos, Peru,” Anthony Rizzi (Loyola University, New Orleans & EcoSwell)

(Panel 8C) Surfing Resource Governance: Theory (Storm Hall 123 View map

  • “A Transdisciplinary Framework Proposal for Surf Break Conservation and Management,” Mara Arroyo Rodriguez (Universidad Autónoma de Baja California)
  • “Rhino Chasers and Rifles: Surfing Under the Public Trust Doctrine,” Jesse Reiblich (Supreme Court of the US Virgin Islands) & Dan Reineman (California State University, Channel Islands)
  • “Overview of Surfing Resources Legal Governance Framework in New Zealand,” Ed Atkin (eCoast)

3:00-4:30pm: SESSION 9

(Panel 9A) Regimented Growth of Surfing  (Storm Hall West 011)

  • “Exploring Cape Town’s Surfing Cluster,” Tina Nguyen (University of Cape Town) & Luke Boyle (University of Cape Town)
  • “Surf Break Inventories: A Practical Tool to Introduce Surf Zone Conservation and Management in Mexico,” Gino A. Passalacqua (Bahia de Todos Santos World Surfing Reserve) & Mara Arroyo Rodriguez (Universidad Autónoma de Baja California)
  • “Accessible Beaches and Adaptive Surfing in Brazil,” Denise Siqueira (Federal University of Santa Catarina) & Marcos Bosquetti (Federal University of Santa Catarina)

(Panel 9B) Local for Whom?  (Storm Hall 119 View map)

  • “Surfscapes of Entitlement, Localisms of Resistance: Toward a Critical Typology of Localism in Occupied Surfing Territories,” Pete Brosius (University of Georgia) & Tara Ruttenberg (Wageningen University)
  • “Coastal Access Equity and Environmental Change,” Dan Reineman (California State University, Channel Islands) & Kiki Patsch (California State University, Channel Islands)
  • “Empire and Patriarchy: Surfing’s Controversial Political and Social History,” Kelly Goldberg (Prescott College)

(Panel 9C) Surfing Resource Governance: Practice in California (Storm Hall 123 View map)

  • “Save the Waves Coalition Approach/Success in California,” Mara Arroyo (Universidad Autónoma de Baja California) & Nik Strong-Cvetich (Save the Wave Coalition)
  • “First Principles at First Point: Historic Preservation and the Malibu Historic District,” Michael Blum (Sea of Clouds)
  • “Lessons from the Marine Life Protection Act on Marine Reserve Creation in California,” Kaitlin Gaffney (Resources Legacy Fund)
  • “Envisioning a Network of ‘Surfing Protected Areas’ in California,” Dan Reineman (California State University, Channel Islands).

4:30-4:45pm:  CLOSING REMARKS