Call for Papers

Scholars from all backgrounds and disciplines – humanities, social and natural sciences, cultural studies, ethnic studies, sports studies, etc. - are invited to join us in a comprehensive examination of the phenomenon we call surfing. We also welcome graduate and undergraduate students, writers, journalists, community activists, professional and casual surfers to join us in a celebration of, and critical reflection upon, the culture and history of surfing.

Panel/Poster presentation topics for consideration include, but are not limited to:

  • Surfing Subcultures
  • Surfing and Sexualities
  • Nature, the Sublime and Surfing
  • Embodiment and Flow: The Phenomenology of Surfing
  • Race, Class and Gender in the Surfing Community
  • Artificial Wave Pools and the Future of Surfing
  • Surfing and the Counterculture
  • Surfing: Sport or Art?
  • Surfing on Film
  • Localism in Surf Culture
  • Perceptions of the Sea and the Beach as Liminal Zone in Surf Culture
  • The Physics of Waves and the Physiology of Surfing
  • Surfers and Environmentalism
  • The Professionalization of Surfing
  • Technological Change and Its Impact on Surf Culture
  • The Political Economy of the Surfing Industry
  • Sustainable Surf Tourism
  • Global Capitalism and Surf Travel
  • The Repression and Revival of Surfing
  • Surf Music
  • Surfing and Popular Culture
  • The Relationship of Surfing to Colonialism
  • The Hawaiian Roots of Surfing

Each panelist will have approximately 25 minutes to present their paper and each session will have 15-20 minutes for discussion based upon audience questions.

If you are interested in presenting a paper, a poster, or organizing a panel, please submit a 500-word abstract by the new extended deadline January 16, 201. For panels, please also include a title for the panel and list of panelists.

For questions, please contact Dr. David Kamper at, Dr. Mike Roberts at, or Dr. Jess Ponting at